When it comes to what is happening in central Florida, there is nothing as useful as researching the news in the Greater Tampa area. The second largest metro in the entire Sunshine State, there is a seemingly endless list of sources for the latest developments, including online, print and traditional broadcast media outlets.

It should be noted that Tampa area news also tends to encompass areas such as Sarasota, Citrus, Manatee and Polk counties, though the latter also draws news and information from media sources originating in Orlando.

The radio news market in Tampa and its surroundings is significant, with business news, news talk and other formats commanding substantial audiences. In terms of print media, the Tampa Bay Times is always a go-to place for current events, local interest stories and more. There have always been a number of weekly papers with wide distribution as well, including the South Shore News and Tribune, the Suncoast News and CENTRO Tampa, the area’s primary Spanish language paper.

Minority communities have no shortage of options in terms of seeking news of narrower interest. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin, La Gaceta and similar publications provide niche reporting that many residents turn to often.

Television news in the Tampa region is as expansive as one might expect for the 11th-ranked TV market in the nation. Affiliates exist for all major broadcast networks, with local cable offerings also enjoying great popularity.

No matter if a news junkie is searching for information on weather events, tourism and travel features or updates on occurrences in Florida, the nation or the broader world, details are easy to find in this vibrant market. Adding to the accessibility of useful information in the Tampa area is the fact that many of the best resources also happen to be free.